Friday, 6 May 2011

oh, nostalgia

Sometimes I think the main reason I take photos is so that I can look through them and go 'Ah!.. that was so long ago. Those were the times!' Looking at old photos always makes me feel like I'm 80.

This was the very first design job did and the first conceptual photograph I took. It was meant to be the cover of our high school's magazine, but, for various reasons, we decided go another way. In retrospect, the cover could have turned out better, but still... a better shot might not be so nostalgic. I read somewhere that scars are great because they remind us that the past is real. I think this principle applies to not so good (it's not really a bad shot, after all) photographs. Is it just me?

Every time look for something in my photo library and I stumble upon this I remember how great it was to work on the articles, have meetings and proofread stuff. Those were the times, indeed.



  1. You're so right. This is why I write. In a few years I know I will read some of the posts and remember everything. Even go like "Oh, this really happened and I could've forgotten all about it. But no more, sir!"

  2. Fain:) au aflat multi ce-i o habina:))

  3. Da... aia a fost una dintre marile realizari. :))