Monday, 31 January 2011

One shot, one kill.... day seven

Wink ;)

Original exposure

I really wanted to do something with candles today... with daylight fading so quickly these days and with the cold... there's no way I would enjoy shooting outside.... besides, this one shot one kill stuff has the best results when working inside... I'm just sayin'.

Tomorrow's the last day of the project... oh well... it has to end sometime.


Sunday, 30 January 2011

One shot, one kill.... day six

This way please...

Original exposure

I have always wondered how that sign looked from the middle of the road... now I know. I had to take this one really fast, as there still is a bit of traffic. That's why the original exposure is a bit crooked...

Two days to go... I guess I should come up with something good, then...


Saturday, 29 January 2011

One shot, one kill.... day five (back on track)

Today's shot is kind of a fail... in the sense that it didn't turn out the way I wanted. It was supposed to be a 30-second exposure and I was planning on a few cars passing through the frame... but when I moved the glass to open the window... I didn't place it back at the same angle, so I didn't photograph the road, I photographed the building next to it.. Oh well.

The reason I took a 2-day break from OSOK is that I wanted to photograph an event that took place in my town and had to shoot more than one shot that day... a friend borrowed me his camera (a Nikon d7000) and I just had to shoot as much as I could with it.

Upside-down real world

Original exposure

That's pretty much it... more tomorrow!


Thursday, 27 January 2011

One shot, one kill.... day four (two days' brake)

Due to reasons unforeseen at the beginning of the project, osok will have to take a break for two (2!) days... next photo and more details on Saturday.

R out!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

One shot, one kill.... day three

 This one went to war

Original exposure.

This lemon decided no one's gonna take its juice... it got all painted and armed and decided to fight for its freedom... It didn't help to much. This lemonade is so refreshing. (gulp, gulp, gulp... aaaghhh!)

I actually shot this one with the camera handheld... I missed a bit on the framing... not too much, though. And, obviously I couldn't help not applying a levels command. The original exposure wasn't so bad either. I like where this project is going.

More in 24 hours.


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

One shot, one kill.... day two

Green frog wants green

Original exposure

Alright.. we have a first fail on the project. I miscalculated the white balance with this one... thank God for Photoshop. That Variations command never lets me down. I'm not really happy about how this one came out in terms of exposure either. I mean... my frog is clearly overexposed (Renoni Vice: You should just zip your fly.... haha! Me: I'm not even going to dignify that with an answer.) and there's really no way of successfully fixing that, even if you're shooting raw. I originally wanted to do something using natural light and shoot something with the camera handheld, but daylight just fades so soon these days. Spring is still out there somewhere; it's just a matter of time now.

I case you don't know already, green is my favourite colour, which means I own a lot of green stuff (oddly enough, very few green clothes), like a green bag, two green frogs, 4 green walls and a ceiling, a green desk lamp, a green pen and a few other things. What's really great about this green thing is that many of my friends know about it, so whenever they make me a present, there is a great chance they'll go for something green. I really appreciate that.

Here's the setting of the shoot.... Another shot tomorrow!


P.S. Renoni Vice said something today while I was typing. In case you don't know who she is... you'll tune it out soon. I'll write something about her one day. She keeps bugging me about that...

Monday, 24 January 2011

One shot, one kill.... day one

I have always envied the precision that photographers who work with film have. Their precision is rooted in the fact that they cannot waste shots. They have to save film for whatever is important. In the digital age we have no need for such things. I can store more than 400 shots on my 2 GB card and can shoot up to 1000 shots without recharging the battery of my camera. Of course being able to photograph more with less is a good thing, but it can make you less aware of things happening while you're photographing, mainly because the camera allows you to shoot again without too much concern about memory space or battery life. It can lead to being a bit sloppy and relying too much on post-processing. Of course you can easily straighten a photograph or make a few colour adjustments, but what happens when you have to straighten... let's say 300 shots. Take it from a guy who learned this the hard way.. you never want to have to do that.
That's why I'm starting a project today. I will take 7 shots, one each day of this week and upload them to my blog. I will tweak the photographs using Photoshop, but I will also post the original exposure. The photos will be taken on manual mode and will probably include very different subjects and light conditions. I will not post any technical regarding the exposure settings. If, however, somebody requires it, I will be happy to provide. I am sure there will be a few failed shots and I will post them too... I do believe you can learn something from every photo you take.I hope to learn something this week.

I started by working with a tripod. I find it reassuring and it was a good way to get started. This is what came out of it:

Abstract artist

Original exposure:

That's all for today.. six more to come....