Sunday, 23 October 2011

TIFIOS cover

If you're not a vlogbrothers' fan or a nerdfighter (if you are not familiar with any of those two terms, there's this thing called Google... knock yourself out!), TIFIOS stands for 'The Fault in our Stars', the new novel of John Green. Here's John talking about the title of the book (and the epigraph of 'The Great Gatsby'):

And here's John talking about the the cover of the book:

And HERE is the yeti (John's wife) explaining why you should like the cover. I needed the explanation. It didn't make me love it, but I like it to some extent and understand why John loves it. Oh... I think John calls his wife 'the yeti' because she refuses to appear in any of his videos. We hint that she exists, but there is no available picture or footage of her. Yeah.. she's just like the Yeti.

I found way to order the book. The people at have it on their website. I'll stop by their shop in Landstra├če tomorrow to pre-order the book. The whole first printing is going to be autographed, so I really don't want to miss my chance. I haven't read anything by John Green, but I really like his vlogging style, so maybe I'll like his writing as well.

I also plan to do a few long exposures tomorrow. Hope it turns out okay (it depends very much on the weather and a few other things). Stay tuned.

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