Sunday, 21 October 2012

Why I think running is great

There are many reasons we enjoy sport. And it is right that we should. The health benefits of sport have been scientifically proven over and over again. We get it... it's good for us. But that's not what I want to talk about. I don't like running because I know it reduces the risk of a cardiovascular condition. No, sir. I like it for different reasons altogether. And I would like to talk about them.

I would say that I like running because it is the opposite being stationary, because it means moving and changing in a very measurable and perceptible way. Measuring your progress as a human being is by no means an easy task. Measuring your progress as a runner, on the other hand... distance, time, pace, calories. While running you might not always know where you're going or if you'll get there, but you always know where you are and where you've been. And after you push through and get yourself up to speed, moving is the rule of you existence. Being stationary becomes the exception. As a rather lazy individual, I find that a rare and empowering thing, something I always want to get more of. Whenever I have a busy day ahead, I like to first go for a half-an-hour-spin around the block. Drinking coffee or energy drinks is nothing compared to that. You would expect running to tire you, but it rarely does... it just helps you focus on one thing.

I guess that's what being a good runner means, after all... being good at focusing on one thing. Just keeping your feet on dry land and not stopping for anything. Just letting the road flow under your feet without even thinking about it. I'm not an expert on this or anything, but I think that if you can reach such a level in any other activity... if you can somehow manage to make everything flow like that and not constantly think and obsess about it, you've got something going.

Want me to write more about running, routes and tips for running in Vienna? Let me know in the comment section. Until then... I leave you with this photo I took more than 4 years ago. Enjoy! 

 The new camera is coming... soon!


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