Saturday, 5 March 2011

on my own... first entry: Aunts are Lovable Creatures

Living alone is not easy. Maybe this isn't any news to you and it certainly wasn't any news to me when my mother left to live with my sister for a couple of weeks, but that doesn't make the process any easier.

Anyway... I've decided to document the process of living alone... with the problems and advantages it brings.

What I love about this living alone thing is that there's really no one to blame beside yourself... it really makes things easier when it comes to finding a scapegoat to place the blame on. Whatever didn't get done.. you're the ONLY one to blame.

What I hate about it is that you have no one to talk to. Loneliness is a bitter thing... believe me! And the Interned doesn't always do the trick.

This series of posts will be mostly related to cooking, mainly because this is something I don't get to do when my mother's at home. And I really like to wear the apron from time to time. I'm not going to document everything I eat or cook. The purpose of this is to reveal the things I discover on this journey of staying at home.

First thing: Aunts are lovable creatures. Since mother's out of town, my aunts have taken an interest in what I eat and have taken turns in inviting me over for lunch or dinner. The best thing about it is that they also make me take some food with me.. here's a 1,7 litre jar of beans soup and a slice of home-made bread (yum!):

And here's the spaghetti with seafood cocktail I made the other day:

Yup!.... Yum!



  1. Bravo! Totusi cred ca o sa mananci des bruschete. Simple si incantatoare :))

  2. I think you'll die...soon!