Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A good day for science

Remember that episode from "Dexter's Laboratory"? The one when he kept saying "Today was a good day for science"... until it wasn't anymore.

Today was not by any means a bad day. It was somewhat peculiar, though. I find it strange how lonely city life is becoming. Maybe it has always been this way and I just failed to notice it before. This makes life sad in some way but it also makes it so peculiarly wonderful when human interaction does spontaneously occur. Today, for example I helped an old lady carry her bags from the supermarket while we made small talk and she rewarded me with three tangerines which I later ate without sharing with my colleagues just to brake even on the scale of goodness of the day.

If you think that my life must be incredibly boring if I have to blog such an event, you have no idea... it's actually infinitely more boring... tomorrow's going to be better though... I have classes all day. Boy, just imagine the fun that awaits me. Oh, well... I'll just send this into the void before falling asleep to another episode of Friends (don't judge me! I'm only human!).

Good night, dear void! I hope we'll have another talk sometime soon.


P.S. I am writing in Romanian on this blog: dă-i foc!
I've been only writing about photography and photographers, but... more to come..

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